Take your client relationship to the next level

We describe CustomerConnect, our customer web portal, as a complete communication solution. You might prefer to call it a relationship builder.

CustomerConnect delivers your utility's customer-information system application directly to your clients. Any time of the day or night, customers can log on to a secure CustomerConnect website to access their bill, payment and consumption histories, log service calls, review and pay accounts, and submit meter readings.

See for yourself how CustomerConnect will help you strengthen client relations and improve your own operations.

Engage your customers

Get your customers involved. Turn them from passive ratepayers into active partners in peak demand management with CustomerConnect—a simple, elegant customer engagement solution.

CustomerConnect is a rare product. It offers a high degree of functionality for utilities and was developed with the precise needs of customers in mind. It puts 35 years of industry experience directly in front of consumers—giving them a simple, reliable and intuitive experience.

For utilities, CustomerConnect offers sophisticated functionality that helps municipalities and co-operative entities meet government regulatory requirements, demonstrate the value of their smart infrastructure investments to customers, augment public participation in key conservation programs and facilitate business process improvements to save money in the short- and long-term.

For consumers, CustomerConnect represents a whole new level of interaction with utilities. Customers will understand its web-based interface quickly and easily, and be able to access consumption data on a near real-time basis. CustomerConnect helps businesses and homeowners measure, monitor and manage usage patterns, access targeted educational materials and address account questions without ever needing to contact your utility’s customer service representatives (CSRs).


Easily understood by customers and utility staff alike.


With features that let customers take control of basic account functions while improving their consumption habits.


Technology that establishes a direct and open relationship between you and your customers.

Designed by consumers and built for utilities ready to optimize their smart grid investments, CustomerConnect is the critical connection to transform the relationship between you and your customers.


The BizConnect module allows a utility to present information over the web to its Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers. These customers – with higher consumption, more channels of data and multiple facilities – are usually the biggest contributors to the utility’s objectives in reducing peak demand (for electric utilities) or containing demand growth. BizConnect empowers the C&I customer base to understand the impact of participating in utility programs and dynamic rate structures, while working toward their own objectives of reducing cost, containing risk and minimizing impact on the environment.

The BizConnect solution offers a configurable suite of reports for C&I users to gain visibility into their energy and water usage and cost, coupled with measurement and verification to quantify the results of their conservation measures. Reports and analysis include configurable dashboards, consumption comparisons, time-series overlays, variance analysis, threshold reporting, cost calculations, emissions reporting, deduct and net metering views, coincident peak analysis and more.

This module equips the utility’s key accounts to use structured continuous improvement techniques to:

  • Reduce consumption through benchmarking, profiling and variance analysis.
  • Reduce average price through management of demand and reducing penalties.
  • Control risk by gaining visibility into usage patterns and the operational decisions that affect them.
  • Track environmental impact with reporting of multiple environmental impact measures and even threshold alerting for key performance criteria.

Utilities gain the massive benefit of greater engagement with their biggest customer to achieve their own objectives.

For Utilities

Achieve peak demand management.

The environment in which today’s electric, water and gas utilities operate has never been more complex. Regulatory and reporting burdens are increasing, the pressure to conserve valuable resources is growing, and customers are demanding greater standards of service. CustomerConnect enables you to meet government-imposed data-presentment requirements, directly promote marketing and conservation programs, and equip customers with the tools they need to access usage data and oversee basic account-management functions.

Rapidly implemented, fully modular, easily customized and branded, CustomerConnect can be installed quickly in any utility, and grows with evolving customer and corporate needs. It supports government-mandated directives to equip customers with time-of-use consumption data, and helps utilities build customer interest in, and support for, key conservation programs that will help you meet your targets and defer expensive infrastructure investments.

Customer service has never been this easy.

By putting control in te hands of end users, CustomerConnect dramatically reduces demands on utility CSRs—as customers can resolve online the vast majority of issues for which they would normally consult their utility. When telephone support is needed, our simple, intuitive interface saves time and speeds call resolution by enabling CSRs to see exactly what customers see. CustomerConnect enhances these interactions through extensive information and reporting capabilities that give CSRs added insight to provide direct, personal advice on resource use.

For Consumers

Put your customers in control.

Powerful and easy to use, CustomerConnect gives users access to even the most granular levels of account data. Consumption history is retrieved and displayed on a near real-time basis to give customers the most accurate picture possible of their usage patterns. Data can be displayed in graphic or tabular formats and is fully customizable by the consumer to ensure perfect clarity.

With such a direct and easy ability to manage their data, customers are free to opt in to demand management programs and receive personalized reports on the money they are saving day-to-day. They can decide how they want to view their data and when they want to receive it. They have absolutely freedom to configure and control their resource consumption choices—turning them from passive ratepayers into actively engaged participants in your utility’s campaign to achieve peak demand management.