Go wireless!

Elevate service orders to a whole new level of efficiency using NorthStar's mCare module.

Designed and built to optimize the service-order process, mCare uses wireless technology to link your field-service personnel with the NorthStar customer-information system (CIS). The result is a continuous, real-time flow of service-order data between the NorthStar application and your field staff.

Using mCare, team dispatchers can easily assign service orders to field staff based on all kinds of criteria: priority, volume, location. They can even program mCare to greet them every morning with a logically queued daily work-order schedule. Once a member of the field staff has completed a job, he or she can use mCare to upload the case data back to the CIS application before moving on to the next call.

Eliminate costly field-staff downtime. Never write out another service order by hand. See for yourself how mCare's will revolutionize your service orders.