Make sense of smart-meter data

MeterSense is a sophisticated and cost-effective meter data management solution that’s easy to implement, simple to use and painless to upgrade. The brains of the smart grid, MeterSense is the key to unlocking the immense value of smart meter data for single- and multi-commodity electric, water and gas utilities, whether municipal or cooperative. MeterSense is trusted and proven to turn raw meter data into the high-quality, actionable business intelligence utilities need to improve customer service, reduce costs and increase operational performance and reliability.

MeterSense helps utilities seamlessly integrate smart grid investments, such as advanced metering infrastructures (AMI), into billing, customer service and operations systems. With a fully configurable rules engine and powerful analytics, MeterSense gives utilities the control they need to navigate change and handle almost any business challenge in practically any environment.

Powerful, scalable and fully configurable, MeterSense is the most feature-rich MDM system on the market today.


SmartWorks Compass is a utility decision management solution that delivers the benefits of smart infrastructure investments to electric, water and gas utilities. Comprised of robust analytics, metrics, visualization and automation tools, SmartWorks Compass enables utilities to maximize return on investments in their smart infrastructure by seamlessly converting massive volumes of data into powerful insights and automated actions.

  • Delivers real-time business intelligence by correlating data from various utility enterprise operations and displaying a holistic view of the grid through easy-to-understand visualization tools.
  • Automates repeatable processes enabling utilities to manage and respond to events with speed, precision and consistency.
  • Measures the financial and operational impact of utility decisions to better define and improve future actions.
  • Empowers utility staff to make better informed financial and operational decisions.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other utility enterprise systems.

Compass provides highly sophisticated, yet cost-effective functionality right out of the box. It is easy to implement, simple to use and painless to upgrade.

What is Utility Decision Management?

Utility Decision Management (UDM) empowers utilities to make better decisions, more efficiently. This entails rapid integration with multiple systems for source data, deep analytics to assess conditions, automation to execute the required actions and visualization of metrics to show quantified results.

By employing UDM, utilities are able to monitor the financial and operational impact of decisions, in order to better define and improve future actions.