NorthStar CIS

A truly brilliant CIS/billing solution

Our NorthStar customer-information system (CIS) application is the product of 34 years of refinements and modifications driven by feedback from our clients. It is a complete solution for tracking all customer interactions, from new-account set-ups to credit histories.

We're proud to say that NorthStar is the best, most powerful utility-sector CIS application on the market today. Here are three reasons why.

  • It's adaptable. NorthStar runs seamlessly on any operating platform, and can handle the most complicated billing systems-from deregulated markets to alternative energy sources-with ease.
  • It's a workhorse. Every month, our CIS solutions manage millions of utility bills and accounts across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. What's more, every bill NorthStar produces is accurate and delivered on time.
  • It's easy to implement and easy to use. Our Pathfinder process ensures NorthStar's implementation is smooth, swift and risk free, while our graphical interface is user friendly and intuitive.

If you need more proof of value, consider that we've enhanced NorthStar's basic-but expansive-capabilities with a suite of add-on products that will help you reduce costs, simplify management tasks and automate key processes. In fact, every add-on product we've developed for NorthStar CIS responds directly to an expressed customer need.

Don't just take our word as proof of NorthStar's quality and value. Read what our customers have to say about the application. And learn more about NorthStar's nine add-on products. Once you use them, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

NorthStar Core Automation Suite

Increase Productivity and Concentrate on What Matters – Automate!

In the ever changing Utility environment, we continuously search for ways to provide better and more specialized services to customers while performing the same tasks we performed years ago. Companies continue to look for ways to free their resources of routine monotonous tasks so they can begin to interact with their customers in a meaningful and value added way, and to spend more time analyzing data and results. Let NorthStar’s Automation Platform unburden your resources while increasing processing accuracy, consistency and auditability. NorthStar’s Core Automation Suite is used to automate your daily routine processes such as Cash Processing, Collections and much, much more. Streamline your business processes and free up your resources to take Customer Service to a new level. Implement NorthStar Automation.

Utilization Review

Increase Operational Efficiency

NorthStar’s Utilization Review helps your organization meet its strategic goals and objectives through examining existing processes and procedures and identifying opportunities that will allow your company to perform at maximum efficiency. The process includes a thorough analysis of staff and technology used within the organization, examining how current practices and core tasks can be streamlined and optimized within your organization. Let NorthStar help you increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and ensure your resources are free to provide excellent customer service in your ever changing Utility environment.

“The NorthStar Utilization Review process helped us identify how to use our resources and NorthStar much more effectively. It gave us a chance to realign tasks, procedures and responsibilities in order to ensure we were operating in the most efficient manner. The review of our current processes made us aware of how long it had been since we had revisited and updated our policies and procedures. We also discovered how much more functionality is available in NorthStar that we were not using. During the review we were able to immediately implement new processes, where available, and are looking forward to implementing more changes with our 6.4 upgrade. Thanks so much to Carrie Lawlor and the NorthStar team."

Pat Kelly | CIS Supervisor/CDM Coordinator
Centre Wellington Staff

“The NorthStar Utilization Review process has already proven to be a productive exercise for our team. Reviewing our current processes allowed us to question why we do the things we do and are we working as efficiently as we can. During the review, we were able to identify some key areas where we could make improvements. The team was excited to see new functionality and areas we can become more efficient. We are looking forward to reviewing the document, beginning a plan to implement new processes, conducting training, and exploring automation opportunities. We enjoyed working with Carrie Lawlor and John Prine during the review. We appreciate them sharing their experience in the utility business and their knowledge of NorthStar with us."

Kim Baker | Customer Service Manager
Decatur Utilities Customer Service Team