Reports Anywhere

The data you need, when you need it

Our new embedded report writer is one of the NorthStar customer-information system's (CIS's) most convenient functions. Using Reports Anywhere, your team can schedule, receive and analyze critical performance information.

Use this writer application to generate standard and user-defined queries. Then, at the touch of a button, subscribe to scheduled reports, output the reports to PDF and CSV formats, and create and manage report folders and portal pages. Use Reports Anywhere to generate a range of reports, such as multi-nested lists, simple list reports and forms, letters and correspondences.

The handiest of all Reports Anywhere functions is its full drill-through capability. Double click on a report item and be taken to the NorthStar CIS application screen that generated the original transaction. How's that for getting to the heart of the matter?

Reports Anywhere: reports of any kind, in any place. Contact us today for a demonstration.