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In today's business climate, utilities want to do more with fewer resources. That's why we offer a range of software products that combine to form enterprise-level solutions. Whether your aim is to improve customer relations, streamline operations or extract more intelligence from raw data, NorthStar's solutions can help.

Care for your customers

NorthStar's customer-care and billing solutions are designed to manage critical customer-information data such as billings, meter reads, rate management and service connections. Our solutions can also handle functions such as collections, payment processing, field service and meter management.

Take customer care a step further. Implement a NorthStar customer-care solution today.

Your Challenge Our Solution
Customer management & billing CIS, CustomerConnect
Rate management CIS
Customer self service CustomerConnect
Reporting and analytics Reports Anywhere, MeterSense
Key-account management CIS, CustomerConnect, Reports Anywhere, EIS
Field Services mCare
Customer communications CustomerConnect
Customer care CIS, CustomerConnect, mCare, MeterSense

Manage your assets

NorthStar's asset-management solutions enable utilities to derive further benefits from their metering infrastructures: more accurate reads, better field service, more efficient field-operations dispatches and improved metering-infrastrucutre management.

Your assets support your core operations. Do more with both using NorthStar's asset-management solutions. Contact us today for more information.

Your Challenge Our Solution
Meter-data management CIS, MeterSense
Field management CIS, CustomerConnect, mCare, MeterSense
Mobile field management mCare
Inventory management NorthStar Financial Management
Meter management CIS, MeterExchange, MeterSense, NorthStar Financial Management
Capital project management CIS, MeterSense, NorthStar Financial Management

Streamline your operations

Using NorthStar's utility-operations solutions, our customers can manage the performance of their assets and track critical performance information.

Our solutions automate as many processes as possible, from back-office routines to meter installation, repair and replacement functions. They also deliver the insight our customers need to analyze rates, revenue and customer-usage habits, enabling them to make informed rate-buying and setting decisions.

Learn more about how NorthStar's utility-operations solutions propel productivity. Contact us today.

Your Challenge Our Solution
Operations management CIS, mCare, MeterSense, NorthStar Financial Management
Process management CIS, NorthStar Financial Management
Operational efficiency CIS
Productivity and Automation CIS
Load analysis EIS, MeterSense, Reports Anywhere
Meter data management MeterSense
Wholesale settlement manager CIS, MeterSense

Analyze your key data

NorthStar's analytics solutions enable our customers to access key information anytime, anywhere.

Using ReportsAnywhere, for example, our customers have access to critical embedded reports that link to specific functions within our customer-information system (CIS) application. Our executive reporting suite delivers critical information such as key performance indicators to any team member, without the need to access the core CIS application.

Contact us to see how NorthStar's analytics solutions help you make informed decisions using the most accurate and up-to-date data.

Your Challenge Our Solution
Key performance indicators EIS, Reports Anywhere
Reports anywhere Reports Anywhere
Service-oriented architecture EIS, Reports Anywhere
Meter analytics EIS, MeterSense, Reports Anywhere
Customer analytics CIS, EIS, Reports Anywhere

Optimize your services

NorthStar's utility ERP solutions are designed to enable a utility's effective operations through integrated and comprehensive business processes. From managing human resources to managing finances, NorthStar's utility ERP solutions are based on the industry's best practices.

Your utility's backbone is its corporate services. Strengthen both by implementing a NorthStar utility ERP solution. Contact us today for more information.

Your Challenge Our Solution
Financial management NorthStar Financial Management
Procurement management NorthStar Financial Management
Human-resources management NorthStar Financial Management
Asset management NorthStar Financial Management
Work management NorthStar Financial Management
Reporting NorthStar Financial Management

Transform your infrastructure

As a market leader, NorthStar Utilities Solutions understands that advanced-metering infrastructure (AMI) is a strong driver for change in the utilities sector.

NorthStar's MeterSense meter-data management solution enables our clients to derive the maximum benefit from their AMIs. MeterSense enables our clients to execute remote actions, and delivers data on AMI operations to facilitate conservation initiatives.

Maximize the return on your AMI investment. Choose NorthStar's MeterSense meter-data management solution.

Your Challenge Our Solution
Maximize your metering assets MeterSense
Provide clarity into the deployment of the infrastructure MeterSense
Connect with your customers CIS, CustomerConnect, mCare
Understand the heartbeat of your infrastructure EIS, MeterSense, Reports Anywhere

Care for your planet

Utilities have critical roles to play in creating programs that promote environmentally sustainable behaviors among their customers.

NorthStar's green-initiative solutions enable our customers to provide their clients with real-time energy-usage, rate-structure and time-of-use information in an effort to promote conservation.

Give the environment a leg up. See how NorthStar's green-initiative solutions will work for you.

Your Challenge Our Solution
Conservation CIS, CustomerConnect
Alternative energy sources NorthStar Products
Awareness CustomerConnect